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TKO Composite Gel Push Syringe Pink Shade

TKO Composite Gel Push Syringe Pink Shade

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Product Code : FBE430

Supplier Code : TKOP

Looking for a Triad substitute? Reliance is excited to introduce TKO!

TKO Composite Gel - Light Cure Multi-Purpose Composite

TKO is a versatile composite with strength and a low modulus of elasticity. TKO composite paste is effective in both laboratory and chairside applications.

Cures Strong and Smooth with model pliability:-

  • Resists Opposing enamel wear
  • Soft cure resin matrix for patient comfort

Viscosity perfected for varied applications:-

  • Controlled needle tip dispensing
  • Flexes and recovers with acrylic appliances

Pink Shade:-

  • Aids in placement, removal and clean up

  • Matches acrylic appliances

  • Acrylic appliance repairs

  • Occlusal Build-ups

  • Bite Opening Ramps

  • Laboratory block out applications

Contains: 1 x 3.4g Pink TKO in Syringe + 5 tips Tips re-order ref 2A8904

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