Dental Pathway™ is a company that sits at the intersection of supply and innovation in;

  • Commercialisation Strategy
  • Clinical Education &
  • Clinical Products

to the Dental Industry.

Our founders have over15 years of experience in commercialisation, marketing and launching of dental products to UK dentists as well as consulting on clinical education and product commercialisation in Europe and the US. Working with and alongside and consulting for some of the largest global dental product manufacturers and suppliers internationally, we have co-supervised a large-scale health economic study with one of the largest corporate dental practices within the UK and published summaries of various clinical studies to the dental industry in the UK and Europe.

Your Aim

  • The provision of cutting edge dentistry?
  • Highest focus on dental care pathways for patients?
  • Overachieving business goals?

We create bespoke pathways in Business, Products & Education that guide any dental business, large or small to those best outcomes.

We love solving complex problems in dental businesses of any size or number.

Delivering an easy to follow but robust commercialisation & marketing strategy from design and build to campaign implementation.

Our Solution

1. Business & Brand

  • Building a clear business and marketing strategy-Defining your story
  • Deliver your brand story through a broad mix of marketing channels

2. Education

  • Delivered by our Independent Dental Advisory Board of high-level Professors, Educators & Performers across all of the dental specialities
  • Promote independent education by best-in-class speakers
  • Clinical, Business and Marketing

3. Products

  • Educational Grant Programme Funding™ (EGP) for new clinical pathway equipment investment
  • Access to product support & training
  • Products highly rated by opinion leaders, user efficacy and health economics