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Do you have the perfect working week in dentistry?
  • All appointments filled, with great patients?
  • Serviced by a productive, happy, motivated and efficient team?
  • Supporting you to do the work you love doing whilst achieving all your career goals?
  • The end result being your intense motivation for your area of dentistry?
  • If you answer NO to any or all of those questions more weeks than not, welcome to Dental Pathway.
We begin by helping you transform and build your individual dental business and marketing strategy for the next 1 to 5 years and then delivering on it.

Whether your brand is you as a Dental Hygienist/Therapist, Associate, Principal of one or a group of practices or anything in between , if you want to take your dentistry to the next level and further develop your brand, we are here to help.

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Why choose us

We are totally independent and we keep it simple.

If your aim is to make the delivery of your dentistry; simpler and more enjoyable. Allowing you to have a higher focus on dental care pathways for your patients.

We are here to help clear the path to those best outcomes.

We love solving complex problems in dental businesses, we’ve been doing it for years; integrating new clinical and business pathways and innovations, we combine our industry knowledge, an extensive dental network, experiences and creativity with our various technical expertise to tackle any project, giving you back the time to focus on clinical outcomes and happy patients.

Untie the knot, clear the path and focus on the clinical side of your dentistry.

Backed by a guarantee and bespoke to you

We utilise a huge number of resources available to make something unique for you that follows your own strategy!

The third rule of a marketing strategy – “Build a moat around your business”.

Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat. – Sun Tzu

You can take one of the cheap, automated options widely available and call us in 6 months… Or… arrange a free consultation today with a money back guarantee if we don’t make a return on your investment, should you decide to accept proposal.



Research & Analysis

Sieve through the data, conduct research and drive your strategy. 83% of marketers employing data-driven campaigns enjoyed over 5:1 ROI on spend.

Marketing Strategy

Build a marketing strategy as high level or as granular as you need it to be. Our consultants work to develop strategies based on marketing excellence initiatives.


We deliver a full scope campaign, marketed across multiple channels to give you the biggest return. A campaign that sets you apart in your community.


We will arrange the photography & videography for your new or updated digital spaces that is in-line with your brand message and marketing strategy.


With most browsing now viewed on a handheld device, we produce concise, clean and easily navigated websites that capture your brand ethos on all screens.

Digital & Social

The right social media approach and professional email address; just 2 key aspects of robust digital marketing. Do you have what customers expect?

Ready to try something different?

Give us a Call!

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Dental Strategist.

Managing Director.

Stephen Claffey

Dental Pathway

I began working within the dental industry in 2007 as an endodontic sales specialist for Dentsply. When I started, the NHS contract had only recently changed to the current system and the advent of single use endodontic files had just come in to play. I faced a lot of newly frustrated dental care professionals, practice owners and other players in the market right from the get-go.

From that beginning, I utilised my business marketing skills & experience, understanding of health economics, the learnings I’d taken from some of the great endodontic opinion leaders in the UK and my ability to analyse and decipher complex industry data to help solve problems in dentistry. I have a passion for dentistry and am always pleased to see the reactions of the people I have helped along the years. I genuinely enjoy working to help solve these problems in dentistry and have been lucky enough to manage and oversee major product launches of some of the biggest products in endodontics to the UK market. I’ve also having the opportunity to present the insights of those successes into Europe and the U.S.

I started Dental Pathway because I believe that we can support positive change and growth, leading to better clinical pathways and ultimately happier clinicians and patients.

This transformation business is our first step on a pathway to something new for our industry.

Stephen Claffey

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Initial Consultation

We will explore your goals and where you are with them to deliver a helicopter view of your business and make a business proposal.

Research & Discovery

We get to know your business, your local community, your competition and your customers. A thorough combination of extensive data analysis, surveys and reporting.
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Final Strategy

We’re in the building, with you and your team over several weeks to compile & deliver your marketing strategy and budget proposals with timelines and action plans to deliver you a unique and targeted campaign.


Implement the Digital, print, PR and general advertising and promotion activities that tell your story.


If you’re not measuring, you’re not marketing-Monitor and review channels and make corrections as required.


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