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8-Strand Stainless Steel Natural Archform 16x22 Upper

8-Strand Stainless Steel Natural Archform 16x22 Upper

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MULTI-STRAND\nARCHWIRES\n3-strand wires are three twisted strands of fine, round Type\n302SS that form a single wire to provide light forces, good\nflexibility, and resiliency.\nCoax (6-strand) wires are five strands of very fine Type 302SS\nwrapped around a single core wire for light ligating and toothmoving\nforces.\n8-braid wires are eight equal-sized Type 302SS braided into\na tight matrix and rolled to the popular rectangular sizes to\nprovide gentle tooth-moving forces for finishing stages. In\ngeneral, these offer the lightest force of the stainless steel wires.\n8-braid wires resist fraying when cut.

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