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Dentsply Sirona

WaveOne Gold Glider Sterile 21mm

WaveOne Gold Glider Sterile 21mm

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Product Code : EKN077

Supplier Code : BSTW1GG321015

The WaveOne Gold Glider is a Reciprocating Glide Path File which completes the WaveOne Gold system solution using the same reciprocating motion. The WaveOne Gold Glider works in all reciprocation motors that support the use of WaveOne and should be used on the same settings as WaveOne.

The benefits of a mechanical glide path such as WaveOne Gold Glider compared with achievement of handfiles are:-

  • Respects the natural shape of the canal compared with the achievement of handfiles.
  • Increases patient safety through their flexibility and cyclic fatigue resistance
  • Saves time in creating the glide path
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