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Stainless Steel Natural Archform 18x25 Lower Tooth-Coloured

Stainless Steel Natural Archform 18x25 Lower Tooth-Coloured

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OrthoQuest® stainless steel wire products have smooth surfaces,\naccurate forms, and consistent forces to provide reduced friction\nand precise torque control. Proper tensile strength is key in\nachieving treatment goals. OrthoQuest® takes pride in offering\nhigh quality, high-luster archwires with consistent forces.\nOur single strand round, square, and rectangular archwires are\nformed from high quality, high-luster Type 304VSS wire. Tight\ncontrols ensure consistent shape and flatness. Our stainless steel\nwires feature high tensile strength and high modulus of elasticity.\nStraight lengths are produced from high quality Type 302SS.

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