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Universal Cut and Hold Distal End Cutter

Universal Cut and Hold Distal End Cutter

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Product Code : DPI504

Supplier Code : 678-101L

All Hu-Friedy Orthodontic instruments are meticulously hand-crafted from exclusive Immunity Steel to ensure long-lasting, precision performance. These instruments are specifically engineered and produced to meet stringent performance standards. The ergonomic designs provide maximum comfort and safety for both you and your patient.

Cutters- With the diamond-honed cutting edges and orbit-formed joint, you will experience sharp and accurately-aligned cutting edges for every procedure, every time. For each individual area of focus, there is a specifically engineered cutter. To meet these stringent standards, all blades are hand-finished to maximise cutting performance for the appropriate wire size.

Universal Cut and Hold Distal End Cutter:-

Can easily cut all types of wires ranging from .012" (.30 mm) to .021" x .025" (.53 mm x .64 mm). When used intraorally it safely holds the cut portion to be discarded. Patient comfort is enhanced by the smooth, tapered tip.


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