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Dietschi CompoSculp Kit

Dietschi CompoSculp Kit

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Product Code : DCO280

Supplier Code : PFIDDDIN

With Smooth Handle Composculp Instruments and Hu-Friedy IMS Cassette

  • Highly polished stainless steel working ends resist composite material, ensuring a stunning final restoration
  • Working ends crafted with Immunity Steel® alloy, an optimal blend of carbon and chromium providing strength and resisting corrosion
  • Each CompoSculp instrument exhibits a colour identifier, ensuring the desired instrument is at hand
  • Durable handles allow for maximum comfort, reduced hand fatigue and an increased level of tactile control

Includes: Dietschi Composite instruments No 2, No 3/4, No 5/6, No 7/8, No 9/10 and 5 instrument DIN cassette (IME14DIN53) PFIDDIN

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