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Topper 8

Topper 8 Swabs (Non-sterile) 7.5cm x 7.5cm

Topper 8 Swabs (Non-sterile) 7.5cm x 7.5cm

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Product Code : CCS406

Supplier Code : SYSTAM50407N

TOPPER 8 Swabs are unique rayon/polyester, non-woven sponges that provide improved strength, absorbency and scrubbing texture compared to traditional gauze.


  • Helps protect and cushion the wound

  • Reduces snagging on sutures and provides excellent wound release

  • Versatile; dresses, preps scrubs, cleans, absorbs and wicks

  • Holds its shape and texture better than cotton gauze sponge

  • Provide improved strength, absorbency, and scrubbing texture

  • Protects and cushions the wound

  • Can be used to dress, prep and clean

  • Removes fluid more efficiently

  • Easy to use

  • Available as sterile or non-sterile

Please note: The outer packaging of this pack is now made from paper

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