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Septoject Evolution Needles 30G - Short (0.30 x 25mm) - Blue

Septoject Evolution Needles 30G - Short (0.30 x 25mm) - Blue

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Product Code : ANS160

Supplier Code : SEPTEVO03

Sterile single use dental needle


  • Routine administration of local dental anaesthesia by infiltration or intraligamentary injections

Features & Benefits:-

  • Scalpel-designed bevel cuts rather than tears tissue requiring less force for the needle insertion
  • Less tissue is displaced resulting in reduced discomfort for the patient
  • The centred position of the bevel results in less deflection and greater control for the dentist
  • High grade surgical stainless steel tubing to reduce risk of breakage
  • 2 bevel marks on hub for optimal use.
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