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Sit Cushion Child

Sit Cushion Child

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Product Code : YSL048

Supplier Code : 0319-7821-000

A combination of a sit cushion and a thin back support pillow. The child is moved forwards and upwards in the sitting position. The sit cushion helps to balance the pelvis and distributes the pressure from the body more evenly over the sitting surface. The back support part follows the child’s back and helps to fill out any lopsided or asymmetrical position.

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Cleaning And Disinfection Information

Daily Cleaning

1, Remove dirt from the cushion. 2, Wipe the cushion with a clean cloth wrung out. 3, Wipe the cushion thoroughly with a clean, dry cloth. The cushion must be completely dry before used again or stored up.

Disinfection And Washing

For surface disinfection of cushions, disposable cloths with ethanol (e.g. Wet Wipe 70%) or a chlorine product 1000-12000 ppm (Wet Wipe Chlorine disinfection) can be used. Hygiene cover and white cotton cover can be washed at 95° C and tumble dried. Coloured cotton covers can be washed at 60° C and tumble dried. When the different types of covers are machine washed, the zipper must be zipped up as it otherwise may be damaged. Note that the coloured covers can fade over time.

Lasal Positioning Cushions cannot be washed. Machine wash can destroy the filling of the cushions.

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