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Carestream Dental

T-Mat G/RA Film 15 x 30cm

T-Mat G/RA Film 15 x 30cm

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Product Code : XGK349

Supplier Code : 1869080

Extraoral Film.

This broad selection of extraoral dental film and matching screens can be used for all panoramic, TMJ, and cephalometric dental applications. Expect superb image quality and high resolution with no loss of film speed thanks to Carestream Dental's patented technologies.


T-MAT G/RA is a Green sensitive, high-contrast, 400-speed system when used with LANEX Regular or EV Screens. The standard film for all extraoral applications, high resolution, high contrast, high speed, compatible with Carestream Dental GBX-2 Safelight filter, can be processed manually or in a suitable automatic processor.

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