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Clinell Spill Wipes

Clinell Spill Wipes

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Product Code : WAB101

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Body Spill Wipe - Clinell Spill Wipes is a patented revolutionary new product specifically developed to deal with bodily fluid spills in a quick and efficient manner. It is the first of its kind and will change the way blood and bodily fluid spills are dealt with. It consists of a super absorbent pad, measuring 40x40cm, containing a special 2 layered non woven covered with a plastic backing. This pad will absorb up to a litre of fluid and once absorbed the fluid will trigger an oxidative reaction within the pad itself which will neutralise all the pathogens within the spill. It also comes with two individually wrapped disinfectant wipes to complete the clean and allow any staining from the original spill to be removed.

Pack contains: 1 super absorbent, peracetic acid generating pad, 2 large Universal disinfectant wipes

Wipe GSM - LPC22(22gsm) SAF (170gsm) PET (16.68gsm)

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