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Sunekos Tropeel

Sunekos Tropeel

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Product Code : 600247

Supplier Code : C0517

60% Glycolic Acid

Sunekos Tropeel is a professional product with a trophic effect indicated to support the treatment of melasma, acne and ageing.

It is a gel containing glycolic acid, NAC, carnitine and chitosan: its trophic action is capable of restoring the skin’s physiological state. Ideal for the cosmetic treatment of fine wrinkles, cutaneous spots and hyperkeratosis.

Instructions for use:-

  • Treat: Apply Sunekos Tropeel for 2-6min depending on skin type and skin integrity.
  • Neutralize: with bicarbonate solution (neutralize immediately in the event of erythema or burning sensation).
  • Nourish: apply Sunekos Post Peeling SPF15 daily.
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