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Contra Disposable Prophy Heads Turbo Plus Long, Soft (Grey)

Contra Disposable Prophy Heads Turbo Plus Long, Soft (Grey)

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Product Code : QXW000

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Young Disposable Prophy Angle. Adapts to the natural tooth contour for maximum surface contact and thus effectively removes plaque. Splashes are reduced. Available in soft or hard versions. To be used with a prophy handpiece.

The Contra Turbo Plus Disposable Prophy Angle (DPA) is an ergonomically designed angle to keep your wrist in a neutral position. This provides operator comfort and reduces hand and wrist fatigue. It has the added benefit of a contra bend, which provides for greater posterior access and increased operator comfort. Each angle is equipped with the Turbo Plus prophy cup that provides a superior cleaning while also controlling prophy paste splatter.

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