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Carestream Dental

CS 7600 Intraoral Scanner

CS 7600 Intraoral Scanner

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The CS 7600 from Carestream Dental sets a new standard in dental imaging, offering an unparalleled streamlined workflow in addition to all the essential elements you need to generate outstanding images. Featuring exclusive Scan & Go technology*, this truly intelligent system automates tasks and combines speed, usability and quality to form one incredibly versatile and compact solution that is ideal for any practice. As easy as film with all the benefits of digital, the CS 7600 offers the best of both worlds. You will appreciate the simplicity of the familiar film-like workflow while the intuitive software allows you to view high-quality intraoral images in as little as five seconds. But what makes this system truly unique is its ability to electronically embed the plates with information such as your patient’s name and tooth number prior to the exam so that when scanned, images are automatically routed to the proper computer and patient file. This eliminates plate mix-ups and reduces operation time making the entire process easier and incredibly efficient. Nearly automated!

(*Available as an option )

Key benefits:

  • Outstanding image quality, extremely fast results

  • Intelligent Smart Plates and Scan & Go technology reduce mix-ups, confusion and mistakes

  • A truly automated and secured workflow increases practice productivity

  • Familiar film-like workflow minimizes learning curve

  • Thin, flexible plates with no cables are easy to position and come in the same sizes as film

  • Can be used chairside or shared between multiple operatories in a central room

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