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Acteon UNI 1:1 Straight Handpiece

Acteon UNI 1:1 Straight Handpiece

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Product Code : QSP129

Supplier Code : F28202

  • High quality inner gear-to-gear contacts
  • Robust ceramic ball bearings and anti-vibration head
  • Excellent bur locking and alignment
  • Push button with anti-heating technology
  • Double powerful LED and spray focused to the bur extremity
  • Balanced body with flat easy-to-grip sides (Ø10mm) Small head size

Clinical Indications: Straight handpiece can be used for treatments with strong constraints and repeated pressure

  • Finishing and polishing of tooth and restorations
  • Prosthesis adjustment

Technical Specifications:-

  • 40 000 rpm
  • Internal Spray
  • 50 dBa
  • Weight 90g
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