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P5 Pure Newtron B.LED Scaler

P5 Pure Newtron B.LED Scaler

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Product Code : QSP105

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The P5 Newtron is the state-of-the-art ultrasonic unit for improved root canal location, irrigation and obturation along with wide-ranging applications in scaling and non-surgical periodontics. This unit provides the best performance and a wide choice of ultrasonic instruments. The Newtron technology provides a smooth, constant and powerful vibration during treatment. Guided by the Colour Coding System to select the required setting, the power is automatically controlled and adjusted accordingly. Available with and without a LED Handpiece.


In addition, this model has the Newtron slim B.LED handpiece: Thinner body, Flexible cord, Titanium inside, Intraoral & Plaque visibility with the light rings, 6 LED’s.

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