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Satelec IrriSafe Tips 20 / 25mm

Satelec IrriSafe Tips 20 / 25mm

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Product Code : QSP039

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IrriSafe instruments for Passive Ultrasonic Irrigation (PUI). Ultrasonic irrigation is essential for efficient cleaning and disinfection of the root canal.

Available in set of 4 in green autoclavable dynamometric wrenches.

IrriSafe 20/21 and IrriSafe 20/25:

  • Use on medium power setting for 1-3 minutes’ irrigation at the end of the root canal preparation.
  • Continuous (3 minutes) or intermittent flushing (3 x 1 minute) with the irrigant, provides PUI efficiency.
  • NaOCl is the recommended irrigant.
  • IrriSafe is inserted 1 2 mm short of the working length.​
  • IrriSafe must vibrate freely in the canal orifice

Clinical applications:-

IrriSafe is a unique instrument for passive ultrasonic irrigation (PUI), the removal of the smear layer, dentine debris and bacteria from the root canal system. The design of this instrument facilitates the transmission of micro-currents and micro-cavitation in the irrigation solutions. Non-sharp instrument, with a peak "blunt", it respects the anatomy of the apical constriction.

The IrriSafe ultrasonic instruments are designed to perform the Passive Ultrasonic Irrigation (PUI) protocol, ideally combined with Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl). The PUI protocol is feasible with any type of piezoelectric ultrasound Satelec with the mode "endo" generator, however, devices with the new electronic Newtron will provide the most effective returns

Blister pack of 4 files.

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