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Dentsply Sirona

Cavitron G139 66" Grey with Steri-Mate (Built In)

Cavitron G139 66" Grey with Steri-Mate (Built In)

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Product Code : QSD065

Supplier Code : 8800103

Cavitron Integrated System built-in unit with Standard Steri-Mate Utrasonic Scaling System.

Cavitron integrated systems offer an open office environment with the same benefits of traditional Cavitron units. The new Cavitron Intergrated Systems also benefits from having:

  1. Smaller Footprint vs G90 model - it is 40% smaller than the current G90 model

  2. Troubleshooting LEDs - will help a technician quickly troubleshoot and identify the solution for the most common issues

Pack contains: 1 x G139 Integrated Module, 1 x Detachable handpiece (Standard Steri-Mate), 1 x ultrasonic insert, 1 x installation kit. Handpiece cable length: 66"

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