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Face Visor Kits Aqua Frame

Face Visor Kits Aqua Frame

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Product Code : PYP000

Supplier Code : 18000

Replaceable Visor to protect the eyes and face.

The autoclavable frame:

  • Secure and comfortable fit verified by opticians
  • Lightweight frame - only 9gms
  • Arms can fold with visor attached
  • Autoclavable
  • No metal hinges.

The Visor:

  • Anti-fog and scratch resistant disposable visor
  • Shaped for improved ventilation and maximum coverage.
  • Easy-to-fit and secure visor attachment
  • Protective film with easy-peel tabs

As per HTM 01-05 guidelines, visors may be reusable in line with manufacturers’ instructions. If they are being re-used, then they need to be appropriately cleaned when visibly dirty and also cleaned in between patients as part of universal cross infection control protocols. Visor shields should be replaced if damaged or scratched.

For HTM 01-05 guidelines Click Here

Each pack contains 1 Frame and 12 x Face Visors

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