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All Surface Kit

All Surface Kit

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Product Code : 2A8905

Supplier Code : ASK

The ASK All Surface Kit is intended for use to increase adhesion to normal, atypical (wet or dry) enamel surfaces (hypocalcified, fluorosed, deciduous enamel, dentin), sandblasted metal (amalgam, gold or stainless steel), porcelain, zirconia, composite restorations and acrylic temporary/pontic teeth.


The All Surface kit contains everything you will need to bond to all surfaces. The Etchmaster 4 Hole Handpiece adapter with both lingual and regular tips are provided for sandblasting, when required. The Assure Plus Bonding Resin included will bond to all intraoral surfaces, including zironia. Porcelain conditioner is provided for bonding to porcelain surfaces.

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