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TePe Interdental Brush Bulk Packs XLarge Black 3.4mm

TePe Interdental Brush Bulk Packs XLarge Black 3.4mm

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Product Code : PAT278

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TePe Interdental brushes are designed to clean the gaps between the teeth, where a regular toothbrush is unable to reach. Use daily to keep gums and teeth healthy and fresh.

TePe Interdental Brushes come in 9 colour coded sizes to fit narrow as well as wide gaps. The interdental brushes are developed in collaboration with dental experts to ensure the highest quality in every detail.

  • Effective plaque removal prevents gum inflammation, cavities and bad breath
  • Interdental brushes are the most effective way to remove plaque between the teeth
  • The wire is plastic coated for safe and gentle cleaning around natural teeth and implants
  • Curve the wire for better access to the back teeth
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