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MC3 (MouthEze)

MC3 - Mouth Cleanser 3 (formerly MouthEze) - Suction Pads

MC3 - Mouth Cleanser 3 (formerly MouthEze) - Suction Pads

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Product Code : PAD251

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To help keep your MC3 (MouthEze) product as clean and sterile as possible,

MC3 (MouthEze) drying stand is single patient use. It is designed to enable MouthEze to be air dried safely between all mouth care procedures. The suction pad adheres to most surfaces.

The MC3 (MouthEze) drying stand is simple to operate and safe to use in any health and care setting. For example it can be used in a care home, hospital, and hospice or in a patient’s own home.

Instructions for use-

  1. Moisten the suction pad base with water and press firmly onto a flat surface

  2. Insert the handle of a MC3 (MouthEze) oral cleanser into the top of the suction pad

  3. After each use allow MC3 (MouthEze) to air dry

  4. Discard the drying stand after one month or sooner if the suction pad is damaged or becomes soiled.

Do not use if the drying stand is damaged or the packaging is open.

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