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Oral Care

Mouth/Lips Hydrator MC-6

Mouth/Lips Hydrator MC-6

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Product Code : PAC662

Supplier Code : OCI06

The Mouth Hydrator is a way of moisturising a patient’s lip/mouth or tongue in safe and controlled condition. With a slow flow of water from two drip holes, a gentle compression against the lips is enough to provide a gentle flow of water to the patient’s mouth, providing moisture to the lips.


Patient groups who will benefit from the MC-6 are those in intensive care / critical care, stroke and other neurological patients, head and neck oncology patients, elderly mentally ill patients and those dependent on mouth care. The mouth hydrator can be used to help with moistening the patient’s lips- tongue slowly to help prevent drying. To ensure good mouth care is achieved, include MC-6 in all oral health care plans for vulnerable people.

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