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Ti-Max Nano Series Handpiece 95LS

Ti-Max Nano Series Handpiece 95LS

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Product Code : OFN95S

Supplier Code : C1099001

Lighter and perfectly balanced, "nano series" instruments are designed to be natural extensions of the clinician’s hand, ensuring smoother procedures. Even during implant operations that require delicate and precise movements, a "nano series" faithfully mirrors the user’s intent.

NSK continues to challenge the limits of manufacturing and pioneer next-generation contra-angles.


  • Optic
  • Gear Ratio 1:5 Increasing
  • For FG burs (Ø1.6)
  • Quattro Spray
  • Titanium Body Material
  • DURACOAT Body Coating
  • Max Speed 200,000 min-1


DLC Coating, Anti Heat System, Cellular Glass Optics, Ceramic Bearings, Clean Head System, Push Button Chuck, Microfilter, Exceptional Durability.

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