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Hydrocolor 5 Alginate Refill Bag

Hydrocolor 5 Alginate Refill Bag

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Product Code : IAZ086

Supplier Code : C302120

Chromatic high dimensional stability alginate.


  • Study models in general
  • Recommended for paediatric impression
  • Removable and partial dentures
  • Antagonists in fixed and removable prosthesis
  • Temporary crowns and bridges


  • Offers a visual guide for mixing, work and mouth times
  • Easy mixing
  • Homogenous mix, smooth, compact surfaces
  • Pleasant and comfortable for the patient
  • Long impression storage (5 days of dimensional stability)
  • Water absorption in 5 seconds


  • High dimensional stability alginate
  • Fast setting time
  • Thixotropic
  • Three-phase chromatic alginate: Fuchsia phase: mixing time; Violet phase: working time; Light Blue phase: time in mouth
  • Flavour: cool berry – fresh sensation
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