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Septalkan With Trigger

Septalkan With Trigger

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Product Code : GSA213

Supplier Code : ALKE163

Septalkan is an alcohol-free disinfectant cleaner.

Used to clean and disinfect:

  • Non-immersible invasive and non-invasive medical devices (ultrasound probes,intracavity probes and sheathed endoscopes, stethoscopes);

  • Large medical devices (scanners and monitors) and surfaces (furniture, work benches, rooms, trolleys) in the context of environmental cross-contamination risk management

  • Fast-acting on its spectrum of activity in only 5 minutes.

  • Eliminates 99.9999% of bacteria on the medical device and the wipe.

  • Effective against Clostridium difficile spores.

  • Kind to users: fragrance-free, no colouring, no allergens.

  • Formulation suited to all materials, even those sensitive to alcohol

Bactericidal, Yeasticidal, Virucidal against Rotavirus, Norovirus, Adenovirus, HIV, HCV, HBV, Sporicidal against Clostridium difficile and Bacillus subtilis.

Septalkan is active on the Vaccinia virus therefore on all enveloped viruses such as Coronavirus - Covid-19.

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