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Dentsply Sirona

Assure Plus Sterilisation Pouches 89 x 254mm (3.5" x 10")

Assure Plus Sterilisation Pouches 89 x 254mm (3.5" x 10")

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Product Code : GBS100

Supplier Code : 83005

Assure Plus Pouches come with a unique peel-off indicator that confirms heat penetration inside the pouch, affix to the patient file for permanent record of sterilization and meet CDC recommendations for placment of an internal indicator. With Assure Plus's peel-off internal indicator there is no need to purchase secondary indicator strips.

  • Dual external heat and gas sterilization indicators
  • Aqua tinted, see through, four ply film allows to identify instrument set up and determine if sterility is compromised
  • Strong, medical grade paper that allows steam and gas penetration
  • Quality seals for added strength and a clean, fiber free peel
  • Easy to open overlap design
  • Wide range of sizes for all indications
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