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Gradia Direct Unitips - Anterior Standard A4

Gradia Direct Unitips - Anterior Standard A4

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Product Code : FLG046

Supplier Code : 10000293

Light-cured anterior & posterior composite restorative.

With GC Gradia Direct, you can handle all your in-surgery aesthetic restorations with just one easy-to-use restorative. Whether it’s a single shade or a multi shade procedure, using GC Gradia Direct makes it easier and quicker to achieve a superb, natural looking and long-lasting restoration.


  • Standard Shades: chameleon effect shades for anterior and posterior restorations.
  • Outside Special: translucent shades for anterior and posterior restorations.
  • Inside Special: opaque shades for anterior restorations only.


  • Micro-filled resin hybrid composite

  • Unique colour concept for invisible restorations

  • Longer working time due to a low sensitivity to the operating light

  • Well-balanced viscosity leading to a superior handling

  • GC Gradia Direct Anterior: Excellent aesthetics and surface smoothness

  • GC Gradia Direct Posterior: Excellent mechanical properties and fracture toughness to resist occlusal stress

  • Gradia Direct X: 60% more radiopacity

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