Dental Pathway and our partner manufacturers actively reinvest into your dental education when you do. 

How do we achieve this;

  1. Reduces initial investment costs in a new clinical or business pathway s which means that you can make the changes you have learned in education, quickly and at a lower initial cost

  2. The KOL’s who deliver education are independent of any one manufacturer and therefore able to advocate a wider range of clinical products and equipment

  3. We only approach those manufacturers of products and materials that our KOL’s use in practice, and it is then up to each of those manufacturers to decide if they wish to support this educational initiative.

  4. It is simple to enrol in the EGP scheme, simply enter your information below with the areas you wish to hear about our next round of courses on those subjects or register for one of our advertised courses.

To find out more and register your interest, please visit EDUCATIONAL GRANT PROGRAMME