Xerostom 50ml Toothpaste

Xerostom 50ml Toothpaste


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Description: Xerostom 50ml Toothpaste - Oraldent

Xerostom Toothpaste containing SaliActive complex is a natural moisturizer helping to manage symptoms associated with dry mouth and Xerostomia seeking to improve quality of life. All Xerostom products have been specifically developed to increase salivary flow helping to reduce oral discomfort such as difficulty swallowing, speaking, tasting or eating. A combined use of Xerostom products over the course of one week has been clinically proven to increase salivary flow by 200% (Ship, et al., 2007). As lack of saliva leaves teeth more exposed to acid attacks, Xerostom Toothpaste helps to ensure proper dental care without any additional dryness often caused by SLS and other ingredients.

Suitable for those suffering from mouth ulcers and diabetes.