Dentsply Midwest Carbide Burs

Dental Pathway

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Clinicians rely on carbide burs in many clinical settings in restorative dentistry, crown preparations, esthetic composites, endodontic access openings, and dental surgeries. Dentsply Sirona leads the way in supplying effective carbide burs. Innovative designs and advances in metal technology continue to impact dental treatment excellence offered to patients with the efficiency that dentists desire in maintaining a quality clinical practice. 

Premium quality Operative Carbide Burs.
  • Extensive selection of shapes and sizes in familiar configurations to meet your clinical needs.
  • Midwest guarantees the quality of its carbides and Diamonds 100%!
  • If you are not satisfied in any way with your purchase, return it for a replacement.
  • Shank Type: FG=Friction Grip, FGOS=Friction Grip Oral Surgical, FGSS=Friction Grip/Short Shank, HP=Handpiece (Straight), HPOS=Handpiece Oral Surgical, LA=Latch, LAOS=Latch Oral Surgical

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