Be You Taster Pack - Paste & 1 Brush

Be You Taster Pack - Paste & 1 Brush


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Description: Be You Taster Pack - Paste & 1 Brush

Spoilt for choice? Variety is the spice of life. Start a party in your bathroom with our famous [BE YOU.] six taster pack. No party is complete without the equally stylish Curaprox CS 5460 toothbrush.

The beginner’s six pack: all six new bold toothpaste flavours in one package. Try them all one after another. Taste, feel and decide which suits you best. Your day. Your mood.

Flavours included:

Apple & Aloe
Gin Tonic & Persimmon
Grapefruit & Bergamot
Blackberry & Liquorice
Peach & Apricot


Fluoride is a must. Hydroxyapatite and glucose oxidase, along with natural ingredients, ensure an enzymatic whitening effect that’s gentle on your teeth. And xylitol, birch sugar, tastes sweet as it strengthens your teeth and tackles bacteria. Extracts of echinacea, bitter orange, devil’s claw and Indian pennywort support your mucus membranes and stop inflammation. Plus provitamin B5, which supports the formation of new cells. No SLS, no triclosan, no micro plastic. RDA approx 50. And the power beads? They contain a powerful dose of menthol.

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