Denture Care Set

Denture Care Set


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Product SKU :BDC 190
Description: Denture Care Set

Absolutely everything you need to show your dentures or retainers that you really care. CURAPROX BDC 100 daily and BDC 105 weekly, BDC box, denture brush and, to massage your gums, our CS 5460 toothbrush – recommended by dental professionals all over the world.

Cleaning solutions, brushes and denture bath in the CURAPROX BDC – Biological Denture Care – set are designed for compatibility. This oral care system makes it easy to give first-class care to first-class dentures. In fact, dentures need just as much care as the original teeth. Clean daily, disinfect weekly – and the mouth and gums will stay clean and healthy and well supplied with blood.

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