Denture Weekly 100ml (Concentrate)

Denture Weekly 100ml (Concentrate)


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Product SKU :BCC 105
Description: Denture Weekly 100ml (Concentrate)

Use this concentrate once a week to show your dentures or retainers intensive, tender, loving care – with a gently cleansing and disinfecting bath. BDC 105 can further increase the lifespan of dentures and retainers!

However much it takes to get used to them: dentures are a positive aspect for your health – and your personal well-being. Dentures make you look younger. You gain new assurance when dealing with others; chewing and speaking become easier.

  • There are enough chemicals around. CURAPROX BDC provides natural care 
  • Contains citric acid and eucalyptus oil
  • No abrasives, hydrochloric acid and other sources of mouth irritation 
  • Increases wearing comfort and everyday assurance 
  • Dentures stay like new for years 
  • Mouth and gums stay healthy

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