Baby Soother Orange (sng) - Size 0

Baby Soother Orange (sng) - Size 0


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Product SKU :BBY997
Description: Baby Soother Orange (sng) - Size 0

The soother for newborns and babies up to 7kg. This biofunctional soother supports natural development – because you want them to have the best start.

  • Before first use, submerge the soother in hot boiling water for five minutes.  Leave to cool and dry off any excess water (for hygiene reasons)
  • Always clean the soother before giving it to your body
  • Only use softened water for cleaning (eg still mineral water), as bacteria can collect in calcium deposits.  If necessary, a mild soap can also be used for cleaning.
  • Leave the soother to dry thoroughly.  Bacteria can collect in excess water.
  • Store the soother in the box provided or in another dry sealable container


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