Akro-Flex Composite Instrument

Akro-Flex Composite Instrument


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Akro-Flex is a remarkably flexible, ultra-thin composite instrument. By incorporating Nickel Titanium, a material known for its super elasticity, the instrument acts as a solid brush.

Hyper-thin working ends reach narrow interproximal spaces with ease. These resilient tips are also excellent when creating fine anatomical detail with delicate, artistic strokes during aesthetic restorations.
  • Ductile Materials - Nickel Titanium (NiTi), known for its super-elasticity and shape memory effect, allow Akro-Flex to be used as a solid brush.
  • Hyper-thin Profile - Akro-Flex's design allows it to reach narrow, confined interdental spaces with ease all while retaining its original shape thanks to the NiTi tip.
  • Smooth, Ergonomic Handle - Ergonomically designed for an enhanced grip and less hand fatigue.

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