Osstell IDx

Osstell IDx


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The Osstell IDx helps make dental implant treatment more predictable. Osstell is the non-invasive, easy to use way to help you to objectively determine implant stability and assess the progress of osseointegration, based on qualifiable data, without jeopardizing the healing process. It allows the practitioner to:

  • Provide accurate, consistent and qualifiable data
  • Manage patients with risk factors, making treatment more effective
  • Avoid unnecessarily long treatment time thereby improving efficiency
  • Achieve more predictable outcomes giving peace of mind and reliability
  • To view result of each measurement on the touchscreen display
  • Store data and results directly in the device and on your Osstell cloud account

The probe magnetically takes a reading from the SmartPeg mounted on the implant without touching it. Using a state-of-the-art user interface via app and Osstell Connect Data Management data can be recorded using a PC, laptop, tablet or Smartphone.

Thanks to its ergonomic design, the Osstell IDx guarantee straightforward cleaning and disinfection by wiping

2 year warranty.

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