Prime&Bond NT Quix Refill Pack

Prime&Bond NT Quix Refill Pack

Dentsply Sirona

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Prime&Bond NT is a universal self-priming dental adhesive designed to bond light-cured composite materials and Dyract compomer materials to enamel and dentin as well as to metals and ceramics.

Prime&Bond NT combines primer and adhesive in a single bottle. The reduction of components and treatment steps simplifies use, maintaining superior bond strengths and protection against microleakage.

By mixing Prime&Bond NT with Self-Cure Activator, a universal, dual-cure self-priming dental adhesive system is obtained.


  • Direct, light cured composite and compomer restorations.
  • Indirect restorations; light cured, resin cemented veneers.
  • Composite, ceramic and amalgam repairs.
  • Cavity varnish for use with fresh amalgam

Prime&Bond NT is available in Quix single unit doses for cross-infection control. This method of delivery enables quick and easy preparation and the unit dose fits into a convenient holder. The holder is designed to stand-alone or is easily held; whichever is more convenient. After use; the Quix dose can be removed from the holder and discarded; the holder can then be reused.

Contains 80 x 0.125ml units of Quix, 2 holders & 100 applicator tips.

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