Prisma Gloss Polishing Paste Regular

Prisma Gloss Polishing Paste Regular

Dentsply Sirona

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Prisma Gloss Composite Polishing Pastes are water-soluble, aluminum oxide pastes designed for final polishing of anterior and posterior composite restorations, diastema closures, esthetic incisal lengthenings or veneers.

When applied with the Enhance Foam Polishing Cup, Prisma Gloss Polishing Paste improves the smoothness of the finished surface of microfil composites to a final, high lustre surface, or pre-polishes by smoothing finished surfaces of hybrid and micro-hybrid composites to low lustre.

For hybrid and micro-hybrid composites, following with Prisma Gloss Extra Fine Polishing Paste results in a final, high lustre polished surface.

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