Ketac Universal Aplicap Refills Assorted

Ketac Universal Aplicap Refills Assorted


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Glass Ionomer Restorative.

Designed to save steps for a faster procedure, so it's ideal for treating paediatric, elderly and teenage patients, who can be the most caries-prone and the most restless. Ketac Universal Aplicap restorative offers low stickiness for easy handling and reduces chair time with a simple 1-step placement for a faster finish. The material can be used without preconditioning the cavity and without a coating, so it eliminates steps, whilst still delivering compressive strength and surface hardness. Ketac Universal Aplicap is mixed in triturated capsules to initiate the acid-base setting reaction of the glass ionomer. The capsule has a tapered nozzle which enables better access to the cavity.


  • No need for conditioner or coating.

  • Bulk fill - no need or layering.

  • Enables fast, one-step, stress-bearing restorative solutions.

  • Low stickiness allows easy placement.

  • Continuously releases fluoride for 24 months.

  • Self-adhesive.

  • Self-cure.

  • Available in 6 shades.


  • Linings for single- and multiple-surface composite fillings.

  • Core build-up prior to crown placement.

  • Primary tooth fillings.

  • Restricted stress-bearing Class I and Class II restorations

  • Cervical fillings.

  • Single- and multiple-surface temporary fillings.

  • Fissure sealing.

Contains shades White, A3, A3.5.


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