Virtual CADbite Registration Material

Virtual CADbite Registration Material

Ivoclar Vivadent

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Virtual CADbite registration material is scannable and can be used for the optical recording of data when fabricating restorations with CAD/CAM systems such as CEREC. Virtual CADbite is an addition silicone, which may also be used for conventional bite registration techniques in conjunction with indirect restorative procedures.

The material demostrates a non-slump consistency, short setting time and good dimensional stability. Moreover, it provides excellent reproduction of detail and achieves a final hardness of 32 Shore D.



  • As the material requires an intra-oral set time of only 45 seconds, the risk of distortions and inaccuracies due to patient jaw movements are substantially reduced. At the same time, Virtual CADbite provides sufficient working time to allow full-arch bite registrations to be taken.


  • Due to the material's high final hardness of 32 Shore-D and high fracture toughness, Virtual CADbite registrations are easy to trim and grind. Moreover, undesirable shifts are prevented when adjusting the position of the casts in the articulator.


  • In response to the needs of CAD/CAM users across the globe, Virtual CADbite has been given a reflective surface. It delivers excellent results when capturing images with intra-oral scanning devices. This attribute allows dental professionals to incorporate antagonist data directly in the design of tooth restorations with CAD/CAM technology.

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