VisCalor Bulk Capsule Warmer Set

VisCalor Bulk Capsule Warmer Set


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Capsule Warmer

  • Preheating device for composite Capsule


  • Device for warming composite Capsules


  • Allows brief warming of composite Capsules
  • The specially designed tray optimally encloses Voco composite Caps, which ensures that they are warmed uniformly
  • Increasing flowability and adjusting the handling properties of the composite
  • Simultaneous warming of one dispenser with Cap and up to four individual Caps – also ideal for working with several shades
  • Choice of 3 temperature settings – depending on the clinical situation and the required consistency

Set contains - 80 VisCalor Bulk Caps x 0,25g (16 x Universal, 16 x A1, 16 x A2, 32 x A3); Capsule Wamer.

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