ChemFil Superior Introductory Pack

ChemFil Superior Introductory Pack

Dentsply Sirona

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ChemFil Superior is a fast-setting glass ionomer restorative material consisting of a blend of alumino silicate glass and polyacrylic acid. The powder is mixed with distilled water to produce a filling material which adheres to dentin and enamel producing tightly sealed, strong and esthetic restorations.

ChemFil Superior restorative is available in seven shades:

  • L – Light, similar to VITA® 1 shade A1
  • LY – Light-Yellow, similar to VITA® shade C1
  • LYG – Light-Yellow-Grey, similar to VITA® shade A2
  • LG – Light-Grey, similar to VITA® shade B2
  • DG – Dark-Grey, similar to VITA® shade D4
  • DY – Dark-Yellow, similar to VITA® shade A3
  • GB – Grey-Brown, similar to VITA® shade A4


  • Restoration of Class I and II cavities of deciduous teeth.
  • Restoration of Class III cavities.
  • Restoration of Class V lesions and cavities.
  • Temporary and semi-permanent restorations.
  • Fissure fillings (minimal Class I cavities).

Contains: 7 x 10g Powder (Shades L, LYG, LY, DY, DG, LG & GB), 12.5ml ChemVarnish, 10ml ChemFil Tooth Cleanser & Accessories: Shade Guide, Water Dispensing Bottle, Powder Measure, 50 Applicator Tips

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