QuiXfil Refill Pack  - 20 compules

QuiXfil Refill Pack - 20 compules

Dentsply Sirona

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PRODUCT CODE : 60605606
  • QuiXfil is a resin-based restorative material specially designed for posterior use.
  • QuiXfil allows a simplified and fast application technique without compromising safety and efficacy.
  • QuiXfil utilises a new filler technology resulting in a unique high filler load.
  • QuiXfil exhibits wear resistance and physical properties suitable for occlusal stress-bearing restorations.
  • QuiXfil is available in pre-dosed in Compules tips for direct intra-oral application.
  • QuiXfil is available in one universal shade.
  • QuiXfil is used following application of XenoIII Single Step Self-Etching Dental Adhesive, Prime&Bond NT, or other adhesives designed for use with QuiXfil.


  • Class I and II cavities when safety and performance are to be combined with a fast and efficient application.
  • Core build-up for metallic and PFM indirect restorations

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