Dyract eXtra Refills C2

Dyract eXtra Refills C2

Dentsply Sirona

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Dyract eXtra is a light-curing restorative material for all cavity classes in anterior and posterior teeth.

Dyract eXtra restorative combines the fluoride release of glass ionomer materials with the strength and esthetics of a light-curing composite.

Dyract eXtra restorations continuously release fluoride ions, act on the tooth restoration interface as an acid buffer and effectively support the prevention of approximal caries. The choice of Dyract eXtra restorative for patients prone to risk of caries is therefore advisable as an additional care against the onset of new caries.


  • Direct restorations of all cavity classes in anterior and posterior teeth. Cavity width must be less than 2/3 of the intercuspal distance

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