Dyract flow Syringe Refills A3

Dyract flow Syringe Refills A3

Dentsply Sirona

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PRODUCT CODE : 60604403

Dyract flow is a universal compomer restorative material with flow characteristics which make it ideal for small cavities in anterior and posterior teeth.

Dyract flow adapts to the cavity walls without the use of hand instruments.

Dyract flow is delivered in small syringes for direct intraoral application.


  • Restoration of minimally invasive cavity preparations, pits and fissures, including air abrasion and tunnel preparations.
  • Small restorations without antagonist contact in anterior and posterior teeth.
  • Restoration of minimal, shallow Class V preparations, including incipient Class V abfraction and erosion lesions.
  • Base/liner under composite, high-density composite and compomer Class I & Class II restorations.
  • Undercut blockout and filling of small defects in indirect restoration preparations.
  • Small margin defect repair in otherwise sound restorations.

Contains 2 x 1ml (1.8g) syringes and 25 applicator needles (black)

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