Pressure Indicating Paste Wetting Spray

Pressure Indicating Paste Wetting Spray


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The Mizzy Pressure Indicating Pastes are the standard in the dental industry for checking and fitting prosthetic devices. PIP is the leading product for this important procedure. It is a pure white silicone paste used for seating crowns, bridge work and full, intermediate, and partial dentures. Using PIP yields a specific result that is easily read and thoroughly reliable, surpassing results obtained with other pastes such as chemical set materials.

  • Areas of physiologic tissue contact are easily distinguishable from the areas of premature contact.
  • No pre-use preparation is necessary, although for superior results, the PIP Spray is a good wetting agent.
  • Adheres wonderfully to dentures and partials only.
  • No change in denture alignment when used.
  • Free flowing, uniform consistency regardless of mouth or storage temperatures.
  • Easy to clean up with Mizzy Orange Solvent or the PIP Remover.

This mint flavored wetting agent is ideal to use with patients who have dry mouth or in cases where super accurate impressions are needed. Sprayed onto teeth and soft tissue, the PIP spray will yield a smooth, accurate, bubble free surface, perfect for all types of impression material.

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