Calasept Plus Kit

Calasept Plus Kit


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Calcium Hydroxide

Calasept Plus is pure calcium hydroxide, it is a ready-to-use paste in air tight syringe for direct application through the Flexi-Tip.The very high concentration of > 41% in combination with optimal calcium ion release generates the extremely efficient and long-lasting antimicrobial effect. Calasept Plus is radio-opaque.The air tight syringes eliminate the risk of incorporating air into calcium hydroxide turning the material into calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate is not possible to re-wet into calcium hydroxide. The new production process gives Calasept Plus a consistency that allows the calcium hydroxide to be applied using small and flexible plastic needle, Flexi-Tip. The autoclavable Flexi-Tip in combination with the smooth consistency is time saving and helps for precise and deep application.


  • Calcium hydroxide >41%
  • Barium sulphate
  • Sterile isotonic saline solution
  • pH 12.4


  • Temporary root-filling
  • Pulp capping
  • Pulp protection
  • Insulation in deep cavities
  • Stepwise excavation

Contains 4 x 1.5ml syringes & 20 Flexi-Tips.

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