LuxaCrown Shade A2

LuxaCrown Shade A2


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The new LuxaCrown allows for the simple, quick and cost-effective manufacture of long-lasting crowns – directly chairside. The result is an incredible precision-fit, an esthetic and long-lasting restoration: These can be worn for up to 5 years.

Long-term stability

LuxaCrown is very hard with a Barcol hardness of 54. In addition to excellent flexural strength, the material also possesses outstanding fracture toughness. This ensures long-term stability of semi-permanent restorations. Several in-vitro studies have confirmed the high mechanical strength. Standardized chewing and wear simulations of masticatory behavior with artificial aging verified a wearing duration of up to 5 years for LuxaCrown.*


Its unique indication as a semi-permanent crown and bridge material with outstanding wear allows for a wide range of indications. LuxaCrown can be used to protect the remaining tooth as well as to restore the anatomical form or the masticatory function. The material is also particularly advisable if a long-term observation of the treatment success is necessary, when bridging the gap for healing phases and in difficult restoration situations.

Efficient and esthetic

The practical Automix system guarantees a quick, clean and productive application. Eight shade variations open up a variety of creative possibilities, even for the highest esthetic demands. With LuxaCrown you can offer your patients a long-lasting semi-permanent solution with excellent results – and a cost-effective, attractive alternative to lab-manufactured crowns.

*In vitro study of LuxaCrown; N. Albrecht, S. Duy, Germany , FEB 2016

Contains 50ml cartridge, 15 Automix-Tips

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